Sunday, April 6, 2008


We had some very important visitors this weekend. Jerrod, Maggie, Whitney and Kennedy came to stay with us for 3 nights and we loved each and every minute of it! The girls are doing so well, Whitney is weighing over 8 lbs and Kennedy is catching up weighing over 7 1/2 lbs. They celebrated their 2 month birthday on Saturday.

Saturday morning on Uncle Nathan's lap

Whitney Claire

Kennedy Paige

Jacob and Kennedy

Jacob giving Kennedy sloppy kisses!

Jake showed Whitney how to hold her own bottle, she is learning very quickly!

Uh, mom... help!

Umm... mom, are they staying?

Sleeping in on Sunday morning

We went into Seattle on Saturday and had lunch at my favorite restaurant on Lake Union. We took everyone up to Kerry Park (where we had our wedding photos taken). Such a beautiful view of the city, we just wish the spring weather would get here!

Maggie and Jerrod

Here are some pictures taken from Maggie's camera over the last month:
I love this picture!
The girls in their Easter dresses, how adorable!

Maggie caught Kennedy with a smile!
Whitney whispering to Kennedy

Doctor's appointment on March 9th.

Here are some pictures of Jake over the last few days:

Okay, so Jacob NEVER cuddles anymore, he is a very independent little guy. Nate came home from work on Friday surprised that Jacob was asleep curled up on my chest (I loved it, my little cuddle bug baby was back)! Nate took lots of pictures to capture the moment.

Jacob got a bath from daddy the other night, I heard Jacob laughing from their tickling session, so I ran upstairs to get a few pictures.

Jacob sporting my sunglasses. He really liked them, never tried to take them off.


The Yates Ohana said...

Wow what a darling family! I love to look at the pictures of Jacob and the twins. It is going to be so much fun for the cousins as they grow. Hope everyone is happy and healthy.
Molly, Jeremy and Aunty Charlee