Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bye-Bye Truck...

We sold our truck yesterday! Nate surprised me, he was ready to get rid of it and was relieved when it sold. He is ready to move on and buy a family vehicle - so look for a new posting in the next week and hopefully we will have a new car soon! So, here is to Nate's Toyota, it was a great vehicle and we hope it is going to a good home. We had some great memories in the Toyota, hunting, camping, 4-wheeling and I will never forget the look on Nate's face when he first saw the truck 4 years ago when he returned from Iraq - it was his dream truck. But life goes on and we are looking forward to getting a new vehicle for our family.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog! So glad you are keeping one. I will be reading... and you look great!!!


Julia said...

So glad that you joined the blogging world. Jessica you are looking great. I think Bailey would make a really great name. Boy names were always tough for Cam and I. Probably because we are destined to have all girls! They are both really great names. Keep up the blogging!