Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fascination with Prunes

Normally Jacob is a great and clean eater, but today he had different ideas. At the end of 20 minutes, there were prunes everywhere!

Also, Jacob is now able to go from being on his tummy and pushes himself to the sitting up position!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Having Fun

We have been pretty busy over the last few weeks. I have been enrolled in a baby sign language class in Tacoma for the last several weeks, my friend Amy and I have been going together. It's been a lot of fun and we have learned a lot! We didn't bring our sons to the class, so it was a nice little mommy getaway. Thanks Amy, it's been great hanging out with you!

We made a trip to Corvallis with the Oehling family to visit Aunt Libby and Uncle Joe. It was so much fun! Nate was able to take off a day of work (an uncommon occurrence) but it was a great mini-vacation. Jacob just LOVED the attention, he had a wonderful time and adjusted well to being in a new place. Thanks again Libby and Joe! Oh, and I can't forget... Libby treated me to a 90 minute hot rock massage for my birthday - it was INCREDIBLE! I highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks Lib!

I wanted to thank everyone for their phone calls, cards, and gifts on my birthday. It was a great birthday, even though I am now 27 (closer to 30). Yikes! Nate took me out for a romantic dinner on the waterfront, while my mom babysat Jake. And I can't forget about my new stove and dishwasher (early birthday presents).

We got to see some friends Jason and Mandy from college and meet their 2 beautiful daughters, Taylor and Rilee. Jacob had a great time playing with the girls.

Jacob giving Rilee kisses

Taylor and Jacob

Jacob and Aidan - they had a great time hanging out together during the weekend, it was so cute to see them together for a couple of days.

Amy and Aidan

Brian with his hands full!

Last Saturday night, we went to a Mariners baseball game. Nate gets awesome tickets through Walsh, we are lucky to get them often, we were 9th row behind the Mariners dugout. We went with some friends Joe and Leanne and had a great time.

My grandma from Eugene took the train up on Wednesday and stayed through the weekend. It was great to see her and Jacob loved it! He gave her kisses and kisses and more kisses, he couldn't get enough of her. Thanks for the visit Abby, we love you!

Jacob is now 7 1/2 months old, can you believe it? I am really enjoying this stage, he is learning so much and so quickly, it's hard to keep up with him. He is crawling some, mostly backwards and a few steps forwards. He has his 2 bottom teeth (accompanied by a few rough nights) he doesn't let us see them very often, but they are certainly sharp! My favorite thing is he is mimicking everyone, he will try any gesture or any noise you make. It's so adorable, I laugh so hard, I realize I am crying. He is snapping his fingers, waving, clapping and loves to make raspberry noises with his mouth, like a copy-cat game with you. He laughs so hard when you play back with him, I will try to capture it on video and post it.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Welcome To The World!

Welcome Kate Evans Fortune!
Born on April 22nd at 7:19pm weighing 7lb, 9oz and 18 1/2" long.
Congrats to Will, Shelly and Big Sister Madison!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Catching Up

Here are a few cute pictures from the last week:

Jacob loves to be on daddy's shoulders!

Jacob is working hard on crawling! He is able to get on all fours, rocks back and forth, but hasn't been able to take off yet. Baby gates will be going up soon!

Have to throw in a naked picture now and again.

Jacob had his first taste of grapes a few days ago. As you can see by his face, he wasn't quite sure about them at first. We also put part of a popsicle in the mesh bag, and he loved it! Probably felt good on his gums.

Last weekend, Nathan and his co-workers celebrated being on their job site for a year. We all met at Buco di Beppos for dinner in Seattle. We were outside waiting for people to arrive and I was trying to get a picture of Jacob with the space needle behind him, but there was so much going on around him, he wouldn't cooperate! I have about 10 shots, and this was the best one.

Love those chubby cheeks!

Nathan and I in the restaurant. Nathan's boss recognized him during the dinner for all his hard work and revealed that Nathan will be moving into a Superintendent position soon. Congrats Nathan, I am so proud of you.
I want to post pictures of Nathan's job site soon (if you have visited us, I am sure you have visited there... Nathan will find any excuse to drive up to the job site)! It's pretty amazing and the largest job in Walsh's history.

Jacob can stand supported now.

His most favorite thing... clapping! He will clap all day with a smile on his face. I usually say, "yeah Jacob!" he giggles and keeps on clapping.

I am trying to get Jacob to take naps in his big boy crib during the day. There are 3 windows in his nursery, so it is very bright! We ordered some black out blinds to help him stay asleep... we were hoping. Today he laid in his crib for about 90 minutes before finally falling asleep on his own (without the swing or a bottle). This is how I found him when he woke up - "Get Me Out Of Here!"

Sunday, April 6, 2008


We had some very important visitors this weekend. Jerrod, Maggie, Whitney and Kennedy came to stay with us for 3 nights and we loved each and every minute of it! The girls are doing so well, Whitney is weighing over 8 lbs and Kennedy is catching up weighing over 7 1/2 lbs. They celebrated their 2 month birthday on Saturday.

Saturday morning on Uncle Nathan's lap

Whitney Claire

Kennedy Paige

Jacob and Kennedy

Jacob giving Kennedy sloppy kisses!

Jake showed Whitney how to hold her own bottle, she is learning very quickly!

Uh, mom... help!

Umm... mom, are they staying?

Sleeping in on Sunday morning

We went into Seattle on Saturday and had lunch at my favorite restaurant on Lake Union. We took everyone up to Kerry Park (where we had our wedding photos taken). Such a beautiful view of the city, we just wish the spring weather would get here!

Maggie and Jerrod

Here are some pictures taken from Maggie's camera over the last month:
I love this picture!
The girls in their Easter dresses, how adorable!

Maggie caught Kennedy with a smile!
Whitney whispering to Kennedy

Doctor's appointment on March 9th.

Here are some pictures of Jake over the last few days:

Okay, so Jacob NEVER cuddles anymore, he is a very independent little guy. Nate came home from work on Friday surprised that Jacob was asleep curled up on my chest (I loved it, my little cuddle bug baby was back)! Nate took lots of pictures to capture the moment.

Jacob got a bath from daddy the other night, I heard Jacob laughing from their tickling session, so I ran upstairs to get a few pictures.

Jacob sporting my sunglasses. He really liked them, never tried to take them off.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Never Enough Toys!

It's great that Jacob has been sitting up on his own for the last few weeks! I usually surround him with 5 or 6 toys, leave him in the living room playing while I do some house work and he is very content. If his toys get out of reach, he is very good at balancing himself and reaching for them without tipping over! But my mistake this morning was leaving the toy basket next to him... I am guessing he didn't like the toys I picked out for him!

All Gone!

Mommy, can you buy some more toys?